No, That’s Not A Pile Of Dirt. It’s A Dog Whose Story Will Absolutely Break Your Heart.


There are homeless dogs all over the country who aren’t getting the help and love that they should (only 1 out of every 10 dogs born will find a permanent home). But, every once in a while, a terrified dog in need will receive a second chance at happiness from a kindly stranger.

Eldad Hagar from the Hope for Paws rescue organization was in Compton, California, with his associate Annie Hart when he noticed something peculiar. There was an animal hiding underneath of a trailer. The two went to investigate.

When they did finally get their hands on Theo, he was overcome with fear and pain. Luckily, Eldad was still able to take him in. The homeless dog was then looked over, groomed and given love. As a result? He experienced a transformation you need to see to believe.

Watch the video of his rescue below:


Source: Hope For Paws & Mutt ScoutsVia viralnova

Theo now has a chance at true happiness, when before all he knew was loneliness and misery. To support Hope for Paws and all of the wonderful work they do, please visit their website. Any donation you can give them would help immensely. You can also like theirFacebook page.

Mutt Scouts is another wonderful organization that needs your support. (Find them hereon Facebook!)

People like Eldad and Annie make the world a much better place for animals… and for us. Share this amazing story with others by clicking below.