When we buy a car, we think about a lot of things. We think about the model, color, interior, features we need, and all of the flashiness we’d like to see ourselves in. However, we also can’t forget the most important thing: our safety while driving. There’s a reason that car manufacturers continually work and conduct research to make sure they are always on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest safety features.

Although we can’t control how crazy the other folks on the road may be, we can all make sure we are driving a car with best-in-class safety features.

However, the latest and greatest safety features happen to tend to be very high-tech in nature and many people simply don’t know how to use them. Therefore, many of us may be driving around in a car that offers safety features we aren’t even aware exist! Like they always say: if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Fortunately, police officers are becoming aware of this fact. Our boys in blue are there to protect and serve. A lot of them are going above-and-beyond to protect us while we are inside our own vehicles. The more they can help us use features, the fewer accidents that there will be on the street, keeping us all a little safer.

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