Aloş, the Turkish Van cat, is not a normal-looking kitten. Its stunning appearance has taken over the Internet by storm, and you must see it to believe it!

Look at Aloş, and it will become clear how he attracted so much attention.

The unique kitten was born heterochromia, a condition caused by melanin deficiency and is often found in cats of their type and color.

Simply put, her blue and green eyes are amazing. Bright colors combined with white fur make them stand out!

Have you ever seen such beautiful eyes?

All kittens are born with blue eyes and melanin changes color with age. But for Aloş, this happened with only one eye.

But no one complains, that’s for sure! It is false that all cats with strange eyes are deaf in one ear. Aloş has full hearing in both ears. ?

It goes without saying that Aloş is a popular kitten. His Instagram account has over 33.6 thousand subscribers!

You will love Aloş!

See more of the blue and green-eyed cat on Instagram .

h/t: pawmygosh



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