After This, There’s No Way I’ll Be Sleeping Tonight. My Childhood Nightmares Came True… Literally.


We’ve all been there as children. After hearing a scary story about things that go bump in the night, our imagination starts running wild and we run to our parents about having had a nightmare about the monster under our bed, a killer clown or the goblin in the basement.

Well, prepare for those childhood fears to come rushing back since photographer Joshua Hoffine has a passion for the scary. He loves nothing more than scaring us all over again by recreating the typical childhood nightmares in his photography. To create these haunting images he uses elaborate sets, props, costuming and special effects make-up…not to mention his own daughters as the models.

Mr. Hoffine says the inspiration for these photographs came from reading bedtime stories to his four daughters, two of whom appear in the collection. He says his kids are “exceedingly” proud to be featured in his work and are never frightened. “They loved it. It was like a giant game of dress-up for them. They also knew we were making a scary picture, and loved the idea of scaring the audience as much as I did.”

All I know is my midnight trip to the fridge has officially been shut down for the next three months or so.

Source: Joshua Hoffine

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