Three Grannies Try To Figure Out What Smells Bad, But The Result Is HILARIOUS!


Acouple years ago, the internet fell in love with the Golden Sisters — three real-life senior sisters who went viral in a YouTube video featuring them watching and reacting to the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Now, the ladies are back and better than ever.

Volkswagen wanted everyone to know that not only does its 2015 Volkswagen Passat TDI Clean Diesel deliver efficiency and power, but it does so without stinking and with clean diesel. The car company believes that smelly diesel is just an old wives’ tale…so they enlisted the Golden Sisters to help spread this message in a hilarious, endearing way. I haven’t laughed this hard from a video starring seniors since the Palmers were asked to star in a commercial for their local restaurant!

The ad below is the fourth commercial in a series of four featuring the Golden Sisters, but this one has a surprise cameo by another internet-famous figure. But you’ll have to watch for yourself to see who it is…

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