When Ashleigh and her dog, Pudsey, took the stage on Britain’s Got Talent, no one knew what to expect. After all, seeing a dog on the stage of such a major talent competition is extremely unusual. But when this adorable pair started to dance, everyone knew that this was no ordinary pup. The duo boogied their way through the entire 2012 competition and eventually became the first dog-and-human duo to actually win the entire thing! Ashleigh and Pudsey have since performed some of their dancing acts in front of the Queen of England herself and have achieved international fame. They returned to the show that started it all in 2013, but this time, they weren’t competitors — they were celebrity guests, there to show the other contenders what talent really looks like.

I’ve seen Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance performed so many times, I’ve lost count! But Ashleigh and Pudsey’s version has to be my absolute favorite. Just like when they were competitors on Britain’s Got Talent and made the audience go wild, these best friends stunned everyone with their perfect choreography and unbeatable enthusiasm for their art. I can’t even imagine how many hours of training must have gone into this performance! We’ve seen other dogs that have a knack for movin’ and groovin’, like this Chihuahua whose “dance” left me in stitches, but Pudsey definitely is the most talented pup I’ve ever seen. These two definitely deserved their hard-earned win and all the fame and fortune that came after it, too!

The doggy dancing is impressive, but my favorite part about Ashleigh and Pudsey’s routine is how much fun they seem to be having together. Pudsey clearly loves what he’s doing just as much as we love him. These two have already achieved amazing success, but I have a feeling they will just get better and better as the years go on!

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