> It Was A Totally Normal Sermon, Until The Priests Did THIS!

It Was A Totally Normal Sermon, Until The Priests Did THIS!


A lot of people believe that a life of vocation means a life without fun, but these two priests are showing everyone that they know how to let loose just like everyone else… maybe even better!

Two American priests studying in Rome prove that the sacred life is not as serious as everyone thinks. A video of the Rev. David Rider, 29, of Hyde Park, New York, and the Rev. John Gibson, 28, of Milwaukee, having a dance-off that has to be seen to be believed is blowing up across the internet. The dueling priests were filmed putting on quite the show at at a fundraiser at the elite North American College seminary, nearby Vatican City.

After a barbershop-style performance of “Give My Regards To Broadway” by a choir of priests, Rider surprised the crowd with his fancy footwork, tapping away like a professional. Gibson then stepped up to the stage with a lively Irish step routine and next thing you know, the two were having an all-out dance battle to please their impressed crowd. A journalist filmed the spectacular dance-off from the back of the room and it quickly gained popularity on YouTube, much to the priests surprise.

Of course, with that online popularity came some criticism, too. Despite the great deal of happy, positive comments about the video, some naysayers called the priests “disrespectful” for dancing under a crucifix and painting of Pope Francis. Rider perfectly shut down the crazy critics saying, “We would just refer them to the Bible,” Rider says, “where the Lord tells us to live with joy.”

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