The Truth Behind These Photos Shocked Me At First. But I Think They’re Beautiful Now.


Death is a devastating part of life that we all must face and cope with at some point. It’s rarely easy and everyone reacts differently to it. When photographer Emir Ozashin experienced the loss of a close friend, he said it made him think about death in ways he never had before.

He realized that, through his skill, he could help people cope with loss. When his friend was killed, all he could remember was the scene of the car accident. He didn’t want to remember her that way. So now, he is helping grieving pet owners remember their loved ones in happier ways. He photographs their beloved animals in ways that will bring a tear to your eye, but leaves a happy memory in their heart.

You can see the full set at Emir’s online portfolio.

With the help of local vets, the photographer gets in touch with grieving families to help remember their pets. Whether people view this as acceptance or escape, what matters is making those who have experienced loss feel better.

Source: Emir Ozashin

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