> Two Surfers Catch Car Thief While Riding Waves

Two Surfers Catch Car Thief While Riding Waves


For car owners everywhere, one of the worst nightmares is to have your vehicle destroyed or stolen. It can take months, even years, before recovering the car, if at all. Just ask this man, who waited 34 years before seeing his beloved Camaro again!

Maliny had a bad feeling about leaving her car unattended, even with the keys hidden away, when she went surfing one day with her best friend Jolie. She couldn’t put the keys in her wetsuit, and not having the keys with her made her uneasy. When the two went out to ride the waves, the bad feeling couldn’t be washed away, and perhaps for good reason: a mere 15 minutes after leaving her car, Maliny spotted a man who had managed to break inside.

She called out to her friend Jolie, who boldly went after the car thief. She bounded onto the beach, and, still in her wetsuit, apprehended the perpetrator before he could do any damage. She held him on the ground until the police came, and all of Maliny’s car and possessions were safe!

Jolie says that she doesn’t remember the exact sequence of events, but credits her bravery to a rush of adrenaline!

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