> A Unique, Sticky-Free Method To Peeling An Orange

A Unique, Sticky-Free Method To Peeling An Orange


I don’t know about you, but when I peel an orange – big or small – it’s a bit of a messy and slightly sticky ordeal. But the vitamin C-filled fruit is both delicious and quite healthy for you, so I don’t mind walking away from snack time with sticky hands and zest underneath my fingernails – until now. After I saw the below video, the way I peel oranges will change forever. All this cooking hack requires is an orange and a sharp knife. 

This brief instructional video comes courtesy of Rumble Viral. It’s just shy of a minute long and the step-by-step guide could not be more clear. I know I plan on trying out this technique next time I reach for an orange – will you? Have you seen this method before? Sound off below or on our Facebook page. If you enjoyed the video and think your friends might as well, be sure to share it!