She Uses An Egg To Make An Amazing Creation, I Wish Someone Did This For Me!


With the holidays right around the corner, and Thanksgiving nearly upon us, I’m always looking for creative ways to surprise my family. I considering myself an excellent cook and if I dare say, I make the best scrambled eggs (you should check out this link after watching this video, if you want to know the secret to making the fluffiest, most delicious scrambled eggs ever). This trick, however, was completely new to me.

Turns out, that with just a few household items, like a milk carton, rubber band and a pencil, you can turn any egg into a beautiful, delicious heart! What better way to show your family that you love them than with a message of love directly to their bellies? Best of all, doing this will make you feel a little like MacGyver. He could probably use the same ingredients and make some sort of a raft to escape from a deserted island (while eating an egg!)

Check out the video below, and let us know, is this something you’d be willing to try?

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