Recently, a video surfaced on the Internet showcasing a unique method for removing a yellow jacket nest. The man in the video was summoned to aid a family grappling with yellow jacket issues. The insects had established a nest next to their house, harboring approximately five thousand individuals.

The video recently uploaded to the YouTube platform has quickly become a sensation, garnering over half a million views to date. Numerous internet users have labeled the method of removing yellow jackets showcased in the video as unconventional.

The video’s creator took an unconventional approach to deal with the yellow jacket nest by employing a mammal placed at the entrance. For over 15 minutes, the yellow jackets exited the nest and were ensnared in the trap before the man excavated the nest. He repurposed the remnants of the nest, laden with numerous larvae, as feed for his chickens, emus, turkeys, and squirrels. Witness this unique method of yellow jacket nest removal in the video.

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