> VIDEO: 23 Girls Step Onto The Stage And Form 3 Rows. Now Keep Your Eye On The Girl In The Middle…

VIDEO: 23 Girls Step Onto The Stage And Form 3 Rows. Now Keep Your Eye On The Girl In The Middle…


What is it about dance and the movement arts that just mesmerizes us? I can’t quite say but I can say this, watching talented people dance is like getting hypnotized by a professional. The dancers absorb our attention and draw us into their performance. We forget about our struggles and our problems and just watch as they do what they do best – interpret the music and rhythms through their body.

In 2014, 23 girls stepped on stage during the regional YAGP in New York. Everyone knew to expect an awesome performance. Every other group that had shown up that day had already blown people away. But this group ended up being on a different stratosphere. They were sublime, amazing. They were out of this world.

Just see what happens for yourself. Video captured their entire performance from beginning to end. And it might be the kind of dance you watch over and over again.

The girls in the video are from the MorningStar Dance Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. The performance is during the “Stars of Today Meet Stars of Tomorrow” gala. The MorningStar crew was eager and ready to impress the judges. And they not only did just that, but they also blew the entire audience away with their spectacular routine.

Besides their graceful dance moves, this troupe used Asian fans in their choreography. The addition of this also blew the audience completely away impressing everyone watching them, even to this day.

The dance performance was originally choreographed by Tingting Liu from the Liaoning Ballet of China, a grand organization with a reputation for excellence.

As you’ll see in the video, the dance tells a tale of beauty and serenity as the performance seemingly commune with their natural environment and the nature that surrounds them. You’ll watch the girls align their flirtatious fans to resemble a flower. Then they transition into a mind-blowing series of ballet moves.

The combination of articulate dance and mesmerizing imagery made these girls the champions of the day.

Once you watch their intricate performance, you’ll agree why the MorningStar Dance crew took home the first prize in their region. They also ended up placing in the top 12 nationwide. That’s a great day of dance for these young ladies.

As the title of the event implies, these girls certainly will become the “Stars of Tomorrow.” They glow with talent. I can’t wait to see these girls on America’s Got Talent or on Broadway.

Other viewers commented their awe at the talented young ladies.

  • “This is Fantasia in real life amazing!” Lauren Crofford wrote.
  • “look at their costumes thats the best part and when they open their fans”
  • “Very beautiful And superbly coordinated”
  • “wow no words to talk about the performance superb…” Abu Thahir wrote.
  • “thought it was wonderful l love fans there so gentle and pretty great dancers,” Andy Readman.

Are you in agreement? Do you think these girls deserved to take first place in their region?

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