Although Itty Bitty Hope hadn’t even entered the world yet, everyone thought she’d be a super special horse. While horse breeders Diana Gilger and Linda and Jim Woods, had a lot of experience breeding horses, they knew this miniature horse would be special.

Since they met her in the ultrasounds of her mother, they knew she’d be one of the smallest horses ever on earth.

When she was born, Itty Bitty Hope tied the world record. She really was the smallest horse ever.

While you might assume Itty Bitty Hope is a tiny horse, actually seeing her next to a human will put the amazing incident in perspective for you.

Before she was even born, many of Diana’s friend couldn’t believe that the mare who had her was even pregnant. Her baby bumpwas hardly visible since Itty Bitty Hope was a tiny little girl.

But now Itty Bitty Hope has been born into the world. And her owners Jim and Linda have huge plans for her.

Since the Woods own a miniature horse therapy business, they know that Itty Bitty Hope is going to be a big hit with their patients.

As they prepare to bring the miniature horse to the public, they’re super excited. They just know she’ll make a massive impact for good.

The Woods’s unique business, Mini Hooves of Love, really helps people recover from difficulties like trauma and emotional challenges.

In the video below, you’ll get a glimpse at the everyday life of Itty Bitty Hope. Plus, you’ll get to see how she is trained and meet her owners.

You’ll quickly recognize that this small record-breaking horse has a huge future ahead of her. She’ll change many lives for the better.

Many animals have been used effectively for therapeutic purposes in recent years. Even soldiers returning from war have turned to therapy dogs to ease their painful symptoms of PTSD.

Hundreds of others have shared their reaction to the video on YouTube. Comments include:

“Very cute and they certainly are loved. That is very good!  However, I must say when I see ANY animal who has been bred and mutated to the point where it is not the least bit natural, I question it. Cats whose legs are so short, they can’t jump, or their faces that are so squished in, they have breathing problems. Dogs whose shoulders are so wide they can only be delivered cesarian. Same with these horses. I’m sure there are problems that are ONLY because they have been mutated so much from what a horse is supposed to be. I’m just stating my opinion and that is all. Others may or may not agree. Still, as I said, cute as a bug!”

Another user blast back with a statement about Shetland ponies.

“Apparently you’ve never heard of Shetland ponies. They aren’t much bigger than these minis. They’ve existed for over 2,000 years, and they are not mutants. In fact, horses were not all that large. It’s the big ones that are mutated.”

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