When it comes to having a good night’s sleep, everyone seems to have their own ‘expert’ opinions about it. But now science is finally weighing in on the age-old debate about how to really get good sleep.

Some people love to sleep in cold temperatures, others like to snuggle up under the blankets. But if you like to keep warm at night, you might not be doing what’s best for your health.

Recent scientific evidence shows that sleeping in cooler temperatures offers a number of health benefits that you don’t want to miss out on.

Learn the benefits and then some tips to reduce the temperature while you sleep…

FACT: Sleeping in a cold room helps you manage your weight.

If you could lose weight without going to the gym, would you? Studies show that sleeping in cold temperatures might just do that for you because they raise your metabolism. Sleep with your A/C on an let your body do the work.

Besides managing your weight, sleeping in a cool room gives you better quality sleep. Because you’ll be better rested, you’ll also look and feel better in the morning. When it’s cold, you sleep better – period.

The healthiest way to sleep – according to career scientists – is with your body under the covers with your head exposed. With your body warm and your head cool, you will naturally regulate your temperature.

When people sleep at cooler temperatures, symptoms of sleep apnea and fibromyalgia were reduced, studies found.

Are you ready to sleep in cooler temperatures? Then you need to try these tips to make it easier for you:

First off, analyze what you’re wearing to bed. If you’re hot under the sheets, sleep with fewer clothes on. Keep removing layers until you find the fit that works best for you.

If you’re still trying to get cooler, stick your feet out of the bottom of the blankets. You may need to untuck the blanket, but it’ll help you get the cooler sleep health benefits.

If air conditioning is out of the question – or just too expensive – turn on a fan! This will circulate the air and make the room feel a little cooler.

Not only have scientists found out that sleeping in cooler temperatures is better for your health, they have identified the ideal thermostat setting.

For the best sleep of your life, make sure your thermostat is set between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Did you know that sleeping at cooler temperatures was good for your health? Do you think your friends know?

If you’re not already trying to keep your room cool while you sleep, then start it out today – it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot – who knows, you might wake up feeling more refreshed!

Learn more about how you can burn fat while you sleep. It really is super easy to do – why not try it tonight? You’ll learn about the details and how it works in the video below!

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