Video: She Steps In Front Of A Massive Choir. When She Starts Singing, She Gives Everyone Goosebumps



Many people are familiar with the common tune, God Bless America.  It is a song and anthem of national pride that is so well known by millions across our nation, and not only helps people describe their love for our nation, but is such a beautiful and well written song that it is almost impossible to have it leave your memory.

Being one of those songs that get “stuck in your head”, you have probably heard it performed so many times by a variety of people, but there are some renditions of it that really just grab your attention and make you wonder how something could sound so beautiful.

If there is one person who can sing God Bless America like there is no tomorrow, it is one star named Jackie Evancho.  Ms. Evancho is one of the most talented singers out there, and when she performed God Bless America on the 2016 celebration of July 4th, peoples minds and hearts were won over as she sung words that gave everybody the chills.

Ms. Evancho got up on stage, with an entire orchestra and chorus behind her, and started to sing the anthem, and the orchestra gently played in the background, complimenting her sweet voice.

After one round of singing though, things started to take a new turn and then an entire backing chorus started to follow her as she sang those words through again, giving her music a whole new level of depth and feeling.

Then the third time around, it was time for the crowd to get involved, and she invited everybody in the crowd to sing the anthem with her, and when they did, it was a magical moment of chorus, crowd, and Ms. Evancho letting out their heats to celebrate our country.

God Bless America was first written by Irving Berlin in 1918, and then was revised in 1938.  The song was designed as a prayer, and has a whole level of feeling and meaning behind it that is hard to find in other songs.

Kate Smith first sung the most well known version of the song in the 1930s when it aired on the radio and captured the minds and hearts of many people.

The song was later used my many civil rights people to help raise morale and help people feel together.  Later on, it was sued by Roosevelt as his official campaign song in the 40s and then on September 11 after the terrorists attacks.

It is so great to see that the song is now being used every year for the celebration of our country.  Though our country does have many problems, people like Ms. Evancho help us feel that as a nation, we are truly one people seeking to live happy peaceful lives.

If you want to see the video for yourself at the PBS celebration of July Fourth this year, then check it out down below and let us know how Ms. Evancho’s rendition of the historic song made you feel down in the comments!