Warrior Puppy Makes A Special Friend After Surviving Horrible Abuse And Starvation


When we think about pet adoption, we assume the animal is the one that needs rescuing. But in some instances, it’s the future owner who gets saved. For this one abused pup, this proved to be more than true.

Xena was a puppy who had suffered horrible abuse, starvation, and neglect, and no one was sure what her life might hold. That’s when someone special walked into her life and changed everything…

In September 2012, a starved puppy was brought to an animal rescue station. Reduced to literal skin and bones, the dog was a Stafford pit bull mix who the vets guessed was about four months old.

Imgur / Arachnofondler

The fragile puppy had suffered unspeakable abuse and was starved to the point of near death. She was in dire need of help.