> Watermelon Is Intricately Carved Into A Dragon's Head

Watermelon Is Intricately Carved Into A Dragon’s Head


If you’re anything like I am, you’ve grown bored with the standard list of dishes to bring to a potluck bbq. Items such as brownies, potato salad, fried chicken and the ubiquitous fruit salad always seem to be included. Well, with summer right around the corner, we have an extremely cool suggestion for you to bring to that next backyard soiree that will definitely not be what anyone’s expecting!

Ok, so it will admittedly take a few (dozen) hours of practice before you succeed in turning a watermelon into the dragon’s head shown in the video below. But even if you aren’t able to achieve the precisely detailed sculpture of food artist Valeriano Fatica, whatever you create will certainly be a cut (ahem) above the traditional and expected fruit salad! Let us know in the comments what you think of Fatica’s amazing work, and share on Facebook if you found it as incredible as we did!