A strange whisper can be heard possibly coming from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s microphone during the final presidential debate on Oct. 19.

While giving a crucial answer about Syria and refugees, Clinton paused, likely while trying to find a word. During the brief silence, a strange audio glitch that sounds like a quick whisper can be heard coming through her mic, according to Mad World News.

Some believe Clinton may have been wearing an earpiece during the debate and say that the whisper could have been audio overheard from somebody helping her remember a word through her earpiece.

Others say that the whisper could have been a communications glitch that went live briefly.

The timing of the whisper has caused many to believe that the audio may actually reveal Clinton was being fed information during the debate. When slowed down, some say the audio sounds like somebody whispering the word “dozens,” right before Clinton says “dozens of people.”

See video of the strange occurrence below and see for yourself what you think Clinton’s mic picked up.



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