> Woman claims she was ‘too busy’ to feed adopted dog

Woman claims she was ‘too busy’ to feed adopted dog


A Florida woman was arrested for allegedly starving her adopted dog, whom she claims she was “too busy” to care for, reported Thursday’s NBC 2 News.

The woman facing a charge of animal cruelty is 20-year-old Alexandria Drew of Lehigh Acres.

And the neglected adopted dog is “Richter,” a border collie who was adopted from the Humane Society of Sarasota County; six months ago.

Drew tried to pass off her emaciated dog as a stray when she surrendered him to animal services on September 13; but the truth came out when a scanned microchip linked back to her as the true owner.

She offered a pitiful excuse for her dog’s malnourished state – according to Fox 4 Now; Drew stated that she was “too busy with work” to care for her adopted dog.

And she opted to take him to animal control rather than to the Humane Society because she could not afford the $30 fee for surrendering.

Drew’s poor judgement resulted in an arrest and charge.

The malnourished dog has been taken in by the Humane Society of Sarasota County and he is expected to recover.