Woman Gives Trailer Total Makeover

When Tiffany Kirchner Dixon found this run-down trailer, she could see past the bland exterior and knew it deserved some loving. That’s when she decided to restore the 52-year-old trailer lovingly named “Audree,” and what a wondrous job she did.
Here is Audree before the transformation. Tiffany bought her from a stranger, but she found out a friend of hers had owned it just a year prior, and that same friend had offered the trailer to her. Tiffany turned it down, saying that it was not financially feasible for her to own it, but she knew that she had to treat it right.

The trailer was nice enough, but she figured that she could really spruce it up. And spruce it up she did.

Tiffany did not stop at the exterior, however, and completely redesigned the inside to match the cute pink paint job on the outside. She kept several things inside the same, including a beautiful 1950s vintage icebox, but also brought a nice modern touch to Audree as well.