This Woman Sleeps With Her Snake Every Night… Then Doctors Tell Her The Horrifying Truth.


Our pets are just like any other part of the family, and we want them by our sides all the time — day or night. For many people, that means letting their pets sleep in bed with them.

That may be fine with dogs and cats, but there are some pets that should not be allowed on the bed. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at what happened here…

As it turns out, not all pets are appropriate bed mates.


One woman learned this the hard way when she let her beloved python sleep next to her in bed every night. 


The snake would often lay out across her body, spreading from her head to her toes.

Then one day, the python suddenly stopped eating, and the woman took him to the vet to find out what was wrong. 

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The vet asked several questions about the snake’s behavior, and the woman told her about the unusual sleeping arrangement. That’s when the vet started asking a series of pointed questions.


The vet told her the shocking news – the python had stopped eating because it was preparing its stomach for a big meal that he had been stalking: her.

Thanks to a trip to the vet, this dutiful pet owner narrowly avoided her sweet snake-filled dreams turning into a nightmare…literally.

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Close call! It’s safe to say that this lucky woman will make her crafty python sleep somewhere else from now on.

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