A Woman Unimaginably Just Gave Birth To A Baby Girl With 2 Heads. Unbelievable.


Imagine going into labor, preparing for your entire life to change. Most mothers know that once their child is born, nothing will ever be the same. But what would you do if you gave birth to your newborn bundle of joy and looked down to see that she had two heads?

That’s exactly what happened to this mother at Cygnus JK Hindu Hospital in Sonipat, Haryana, in northern India.

The baby girls haven’t been named yet, and is under close observation in the neonatal intensive care unit. Doctors are unsure if they will survive, but they are doing everything they can to help the babies survive. Dr Shikha Malik, the doctor who delivered the babies, said they are very distressed but they are helping in any way they can.

Please keep these precious babies in your thoughts. Although it is rare, conjoined twins can survive.

Source: Daily Mail

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