Young man builds restaurant to help street dogs


Though there are too many dogs in unfortunate circumstances in the United States, the majority of dogs have a family or at the very least, live in a shelter that provides them safety. They have food, a roof over their heads, and will hopefully find a home.

In Brazil, however, the streets are full of street dogs fighting to survive. Every day is a struggle, especially for food.

But a young animal hero, João Araújo, came up with a clever idea to help as many dogs as he can.

Facebook/João Araujo

With few materials, he built a dog restaurant that is open 24 hours a day.

But, he didn’t just put out a food bowl, he built a real miniature restaurant that dogs can go to if they are hungry or thirsty.

Facebook/Vanielle Paiva

His idea was so well received that he has opened more “restaurants” in the city, all built from recycled materials.

Facebook/Vanielle Paiva

Unfortunately, the project has faced some difficulties. Several of the “restaurants” have been stolen and destroyed. But, with the help of several others, he keeps building restaurants and helping as many dogs as possible.

Facebook/Vanielle Paiva

“If they steal one, I build two.”

His idea has inspired others and now there are more Brazilian cities that have followed his example.

Facebook/Vanielle Paiva

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