> If You're Looking For a Reason to Shave Your Head, I've Got 7 Great Ones.

If You’re Looking For a Reason to Shave Your Head, I’ve Got 7 Great Ones.


Baldness is a crisis in many men’s lives. They fear it and think it is something that will hinder them from being successful in life. Men who are balding worry about their love life, how they’ll be seen at work and even something as simple as “Do I now wear sunscreen on my head?” Well, I’m here to tell you that shaving your head can be the answer to many of the problems plaguing you.

1.) You’ll look like a bad-butt.

Many actions stars have shaved, buzzed, or bald heads. Why? Because it makes you look more intimidating. Studies have shown that bald headed men are usually seen as more authoritative and intimidating. So you’ll probably get people to bend to your will and scare the poop out of the other dorks that have a full head of hair.

2.) It saves you time.

I can’t tell you how many times I woke up in the morning, went to the bathroom to check out how I looked, only to realize that I had an incredible bad hair day. I’d spend countless precious moments trying to fix it only to realize that it was just going to look bad all day no matter what. With a shaved head you don’t ever have to worry about a bad hair day again because you don’t have any hair. Dopeness. 15 minutes saved.

3.) Your head can steam.

In the cold weather, when your head is well heated, it’ll have this awesome steaming effect. What better way to freak people out than walking around with a steaming head? Think about it, if you’re about to get into a fight, you step outside and take off your hat and your head is steaming. I think the guy giving you guff is going to back down immediately. He’ll think, “Holy crap, this guy is so mad that his head is literally steaming. I better not mess with this guy.” Boom, fight won.

4.) Your hats will fit.

I own quite a few fitted hats and my head always was stuck between 7 1/2 and 7 5/8. The 7 1/2 was too tight and left red marks on my head while the 7 5/8 was too loose. That all changed when I shaved my head. Now the 7 1/2 fits perfectly. As for the 7 5/8…well I suppose I just wasted a lot of money on them. 🙁

5.) It saves money.

Punch out those extra costs that have been damaging your savings. No more buying shampoo and conditioner, you are free of the shackles that bind you. Also, kiss all of your hair gel and pomades goodbye! And say hello to a butt-load of money in your pockets.

6.) The bald head with a beard combo is a good look.

This look has been gaining popularity lately. If you can grow a healthy looking beard, keep it long and shave your head. You’ll look super masculine because as I’ve said earlier, bald heads are perceived as more authoritative and what is more masculine than having a sweet beard? Nothing.

7.) It makes you look more muscular.

All that hair was taking the eyes away from how HUGE you are. Less hair = more muscles. It’s why body builders shave every part of their body, the hair hides the cuts that you’ve been working so hard on. Go ahead, shave your stomach, I bet you have 6 pack abs and didn’t even realize it because it was hidden under all of that fur. Also, people who are bald are perceived as taller.

8.) It makes you appear wiser.

Who goes bald? Older men. Who are wiser than young men? Older men. If you are a baldy, you are automatically thought of as more influential and wise simply because our notions of wisdom include age. Sure, people will on average think you look older than you are, but you can just out-wisdom them and make them feel like petty little stupid faces. You may even develop telekinetic powers like Professor X, but that’s unlikely.

9.) It’s the cure for thinning hair.

A study recently showed that people with thinning hair are thought to be the least attractive people on the planet. You know who scored higher than them? Bald men. So if you are worried about your thinning hair making you look less attractive, you are correct, and you should just shave it all off already.

Shaving your head or going bald doesn’t have to be a bad thing. After all, it takes all types to make up this crazy world. (Plus, some girls really, really dig bald guys.)