10 Years Later, Firefighter Reunites With Abandoned Baby He Saved


One night, firefighter Wes Keck was in the station kitchen when he looked outside. He noticed a baby carrier on the patio; it was covered in blankets, and had a full bottle with a spare diaper packed into it. The baby’s mother had left him at the fire station under Arlington, Texas’, Baby Moses Law. While Safe Haven babies are only permitted to be given up by parents between 48 and 72 hours after birth, the Baby Moses Law allows parents to relinquish their children to Child Protect Services — no questions asked — for up to 60 days after birth.

That’s what Koregan Quintanilla’s mother did in 2002. Wes, who has four children of his own, always kept a photograph of baby Koregan in his office. He would wonder what happened to the baby boy for 10 years. Koregan would almost immediately be taken care of by foster parent Rebecca Quintanilla, who would adopt him a year later. For his 10th birthday, Koregan asked her if he could go back to the fire station where his mother left him. She obliged.

“She obviously must have been made of some good stuff, because that little boy is made of some good stuff,” Rebecca said of Koregan’s birth mother.

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