> 11 Floor Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

11 Floor Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


There’s nothing I hate more than cleaning before a holiday party-or just cleaning in general. And cleaning the floors can be the worst chore of them all! I’m not kidding. My floor took notes from this floor-then they shared a cry-session. That’s why I hunted the internet-verse and found these 11 floor cleaning hacks I can’t live without

1. Use a pool noodle to fill your mop bucket.


2. Make it easier to hang mops and brooms with zip ties.


3. Get into really tight crevices by attaching a cardboard tube to your vacuum hose.


4. Slip a nylon over your vacuum to catch earrings and small items you’ve lost.


Keep the nylon in place with rubber bands.

5. Vacuum up some Downy Unstoppables or ground cinnamon if your vacuum releases a funky smell.



6. Wear rubber gloves to pick up what the vacuum doesn’t.


This works especially well in crevices along the stairs.

7. Skip buying expensive Swiffer pads and use a chenille sock instead.



8. Make your own Swiffer solution.


Why buy Swiffer solution when you can make your own with ingredients you probably already have in the cupboard?

9. Shine wood floors naturally with hot tea.


Fill your mop bucket up with hot black tea and mop while the water is still warm.

10. Use Resolve carpet cleaner to clean the grout between floor tiles.


Spray some Resolve carpet cleaner into the grout lines, scrub with a brush, and let it sit for about 10 minutes before wiping off. Then, just mop floors as usual.

11. Keep dirt in a dustpan by running the pan under water first.


Instead of chasing around dirt and hair that won’t stay in your dustpan, run your pan under water first. The water will keep debris where it belongs. Use a paper towel to wipe dirt into the garbage when you’re done sweeping.