12 Years Later, 2 Gorillas Do Something AMAZING For Their Rescuers!


For 15 years, The Aspinall Foundation (founded by conservationist David Aspinall) has been working to reintroduce captive gorillas to the wild. Twelve years ago, David released Djalta and Bimms, two western lowland gorillas he raised from when they were babies into the forests of Gabon, West Africa. When David and his daughter Tansy went to try to find the two gorillas twelve years later, he wasn’t sure if they would remember him, let alone his daughter.

We all know that gorillas can be incredibly compassionate, but do they have the kind of memories that humans have?

In this remarkable video clip, not only do Djalta and Bimms remember David, they also remember his daughter, who was only a child when she met them.

This is just more proof that animals are more remarkable than many of us realize!

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