> 13 awesome alternative uses for ice trays

13 awesome alternative uses for ice trays


Ice cube trays were no doubt designed with one function in mind: freezing water. But the world is full of creative individuals who discover ways to utilize ordinary objects, like ice cube trays, in a number of different ways. Check out some of their ideas below. Perhaps you’ll be incorporating one or two of them into your daily schedule from here on out.

1. Add some color to your drinks by sticking flowers in your ice cube trays. This is especially handy if you have some guests coming over.

2. Pressed for time in the morning but looking for a healthy start to your day? Make smoothie cubes the night before.
3. If you don’t want the ice in your iced coffee to dilute the flavor, consider making some coffee cubes.
4. In similar fashion to the smoothie cubes, fill up an ice cube tray with fresh fruit juices and coconut milk. Once they’re frozen, stick them in a glass of carbonated water or let them thaw out and have yourself a smoothie.
5. For those of you who like to make sushi at home, this tip is for you. Layer your ice cube tray with rice and avocado. Then let it chill in the fridge before topping it off with tuna. This should help keep your sushi pieces intact.
6. Combine granola, dried fruit, and chocolate for a great on-the-go snack.
7. Similarly, combine granola, oats, honey, cranberries, and butter for some “granola bar poppers.”
8. Make healthy popsicles at home with some fresh fruit and a bit of juice. These are perfect for the kids.
9. Organize lunch for a picky eater. Children won’t be so easily overwhelmed when the portions are small.
10. Preserve fresh herbs in olive oil.
11. Create the perfect Valentine’s atmosphere by freezing some strawberries and other fresh fruit.
12. Don’t let your leftover wine go to waste. 
13. As you’ve seen, you can freeze a number of different food items. This will not only help reduce wastefulness, it’s also great for planning ahead.