> 15-Year-Old Saves 25 Horses From Barn Fire

15-Year-Old Saves 25 Horses From Barn Fire


In April of 2012, then-15-year-old Madison Wallraf saw the barn that housed her beloved horse, Red, burning to the ground. Her stepfather told her to stay put and demanded that she stay away from the barn, but Madison couldn’t sit back and watch as her beloved Red along with all the other horses faced a certain and terrible death. Madison managed to save 25 horses from the barn before the fire became too much to handle. Tragically, 18 of the horses that had been in the center of the barn did not survive. 

While Madison was rescuing the horses two by two, she sustained a couple of injuries including a kick to her shoulder and being knocked down several times. Her adrenaline, however, gave this 4’10”, 85 pound hero the strength she needed to ignore her injuries and keep moving. According the the Society for Endocrinology, adrenaline is a hormone that is released from your medulla that instigates the “fight or flight” reaction that the human body has to high stress. When adrenaline is released in larger amounts because of a stress reaction, the body responds in very distinctive ways: heart rate increases, blood vessels expand, air passageways in the lungs expand, just to name a few. This hormonal reaction in the body allows people to function in different ways than they would during periods of relaxation. If you’ve ever heard of someone exhibiting super-human strength during a crisis, this is the result of a flooding of adrenaline into the bloodstream.
We at viral tales were incredibly impressed by Madison’s heroism in saving these 25 horses and knew we had to share her incredible story. What do you think of what Madison did? Let us know in the comments below!