> 17-Year-Old Finds Forever Home, Just In The Nick Of Time

17-Year-Old Finds Forever Home, Just In The Nick Of Time


Andre is 17 years old, but he’s already been through so much. According to adoption experts, Andre’s case is exceptionally rare. You see, Andre had been shuffled from foster home to foster home ever since he was a baby. He lived in countless residential and pre-adoption placements, but for one reason or another, they never seemed to work out. Andre spent 17 years without a forever family — but just before he officially reached adulthood, something incredible happened.

In conjunction with Adoption Day, Judge Jennie Barkey hosts an annual public hearing in Michigan to raise awareness about foster families. This past year, Andre took part in the event alongside his foster dad, Elliot. Developing trust is difficult for any child in foster care, but for a 17-year-old it can be downright impossible. Elliot, however, managed to break through, and with just enough time left in Andre’s teenage years to give him the very thing of which this boy has always dreamt: a forever family.

This story serves to remind us of the power of adoption. One should never give up hope.

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