> 2-Year-Old Begs Mom To Film Her Reciting The Lord’s Prayer, Everyone Needs To Watch This

2-Year-Old Begs Mom To Film Her Reciting The Lord’s Prayer, Everyone Needs To Watch This


Sometimes, with all the negativity in the world, we just have to go out of our way to find the sweet things. And sometimes they drop right into our laps.

Like this adorable video of a two-year-old girl singing the Lord’s Prayer. This fun YouTube video even has the words superimposed so that you can sing along. You are going to love this video clip when you watch it.

The Lord’s Prayer first appears in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, albeit in slightly different versions. In Matthew’s account, the prayer is first uttered during Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount,” while in Luke’s version, a slightly shorter prayer is offered as a response from one of the disciples to teach them all how “to pray as John taught his disciples.”

This wonderful video has earned bona fide viral status from the interwebs. It has been seen more than eleven million times and has more than twenty-seven thousand thumbs up on YouTube.

More than four thousand people have commented on it, with some saying things like:

“I could not stop smiling. She is just too sweet and cute! God bless her heart and the hearts of those who taught her our Lord’s prayer”- Aniron

“This little girl is amazing and so are her parents for starting her to know The Lord at 2 YEARS OLD.! Thumbs up to you baby girl.”- Artisha Tripp

“I watched so many times, can’t remember. I love when she lifts one hand to emphasize, “for thou is the kingdom” Great job”- Peggie Jarvis

“She is the cutest little daughter from the Lord…I feel very blessed and peace and joy with the song…God bless you little girl and may our Lord our God use you mightily to his glory and he’s kingdom in Jesus mighty name..Amen…love you.. Shalom.”- Louie Gonzales

“Thank you dear sweet baby for the most beautiful Lord prayer recital I ever heard! You are so brave dear and your voice is absolutely filled with purity and innocence! Glory to God in the Highest for giving you the gift to memorise and recite this most common and loved prayer which is a source of healing and courage to all who are downhearted. “- Jeannette

Of course, with this being the internet and a discussion of something religious, a few trolls popped out of the woodwork to express an alternate view of this sweet video, saying things like:

“Brainwashing a young child into the belief of god is a form of child abuse. Shame on you for not giving her the freedom of choice. I hope that when she grows up she feels comfortable enough to pursue truth and break free from the shackles of Christianity.”

“This is a good demonstration of why indoctrination of children into religion is child abuse. It is practiced by religious people all over the world and is the root cause of the perpetuation of these ridiculous cults, e.g., Christianity and Islam. These children will grow up with a warped and deluded understanding of the world. In addition, their personal identities will never develop naturally. Let’s stop this abuse of children. First of all, ban religiously based or funded schools and universities.”

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