> 2-Year-Old Boy And 99-Year-Old Woman Became Best Friends

2-Year-Old Boy And 99-Year-Old Woman Became Best Friends


The web is surrounded by a touching video in which we can follow 2-year-old boy Benjamin Olson and his best friend, 99-year-old grandmother Mary O’Neill.

They started hanging out during a past lockdown due to the epidemic, while forging a wonderful friendship.

A video of the boy and his old neighbor has touched many users online, and scenes of a wonderful friendship are sure to warm your heart as well.

When Benjamin and Mary were forced to stay in the house due to a past wave of coronavirus infections, they soon began seeing each other. The grandmother is very attached to the little boy, as she does not see her grandchildren, and the scenes will no doubt brighten your day.

See how a wonderful friendship developed between 99-year-old grandmother Mary O’Neill and her two-year-old neighbor Benjamin Olson. Yes, even such beautiful stories are written by life!