Every so often the doldrums of the real world cross paths with the escape of fantasy. Such moments of perfect bliss are as heartwarming as they are rare. One such collision of worlds happened in February when newlyweds were spotted on the street.

Shandace Robertson and her husband, Scott, were taking post wedding photos on the streets of Seattle when Shandance made a 2-year-old’s day. Kelsey Edwards happened to be walking her 2-year-old daughter when the couple passed, her daughter was awestruck, for she saw a living princess.

And not just any princess, Shandace appeared to be the very princess that donned the cover of the toddler’s favorite book, Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. The toddler approached the party, which included wedding photographer Stephanie Cristalli.


“She was entranced and knew that Shandance was a princess, just like the lady on her book. I talked for her; she was too overwhelmed by the fact a princess was talking to her,” Edwards told TODAY.

Scott decided to share the fairy tale moment with the internet. The post on Reddit has been shared thousands of times.

“My wife and I got married last February, and during the photo shoot this little girl and her mom happened to be walking by,” he said on Reddit. “The little girl thought that my beautiful wife was the princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding).”


Scott told the Huffington Post, “I’m pretty sure she just liked the picture on the cover and became attached to it! The book is above my reading level, let alone a toddler’s,” he joked.

Shandace was willing to part with a flower from her bouquet and gave to the little girl.

“It was just very sweet to watch her see the princess that Shandace had become in her eyes,” Edwards told TODAY. “It gave my daughter such a lovely moment and it is something that I will always remember.”


Shandace said that despite the lack of any verbal communication between herself and the toddler, the entire moment was heartwarming.

“The little girl didn’t say anything actually, she just smiled the entire time,” the bride told Huffington Post. “I could tell by her face that her heart was overflowing.”


“Because I love little kids so much, I asked her mom if I could hold her. Her face expresses how we both felt, overjoyed!”

Life may not full of magic moments, but when they do come along, we can only hope to live them half as full as the toddler and her princess, Shandace — and that we have a professional photographer to capture for the internet.

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