23 years ago Patrick Swayze performed this incredible dance with his wife – Decades later it’s going viral


8 years after Patrick Swayze passed away, his legacy is still as strong as ever. Many remember him as a talented actor most will remember his incredible dance moves.

23 years ago, Patrick and his wife danced together for the first time on international television. The pair performed an emotional dance tribute to Whitney Houston at the World Music Awards in 1994.

Over two decades later, their emotional performance is going viral. Patrick Swayze was an A-list actor and a ballet dancer, taking classes from his mother and further studying at ballet school.

In fact, Patrick met his wife, Lisa, in 1970 when the pair were taking dance lessons from Patrick’s mother.

Patrick and his wife were dancing together to demonstrate their love for each other and their appreciation for Whitney Houston as an artist.

Their routine was watched live by millions and is still appreciated, toady.

Patrick was diagnosed with cancer and battled the disease until his passing in 2009. But his legacy lives on through videos like this. And the world will never forget Dirty Dancing.

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