> 26-year-old Swedish woman aiming for the world’s biggest bum – eats kilos of Nutella every week

26-year-old Swedish woman aiming for the world’s biggest bum – eats kilos of Nutella every week


Everyone has the right to decide how they look. Personally, I don’t cast judgement on others or their bodies. It’s the differences between humans that make the world the vibrant, colorful and beautiful place it is – all of us have to respect a person’s free will.

Some of us like to be ‘in with the crowd’, whilst others prefer to stand out of it, in their own spotlight. People who are keen on the latter can sometimes turn to plastic surgery in a bid to alter their appearance until they’re happy with it. I think it’s great that it’s an option, even though I myself would never do it.

Strange as it may seem to the average person, there exist people who focus their entire life on the adjustments and changes they make to their bodies – and often there can be certain consequences.

Take 26-year-old Swedish woman Natasha Crown, for example. She dreams of having the world’s biggest bum, and her efforts to obtain it have now gone viral the world over…

The 26-year-old, of Gothenburg, Sweden, wants to hold the title of the woman with the biggest bum in the world. In order to achieve her goal, the blonde eats over 13 pounds of Nutella every month. Her diet, she says, consists mainly of pizza and pasta.

Image Source: Natasha Crown / Instagram

As a result of her dream, Natasha is forced to accept certain risks to her health, with doctors having previously warned that her obsession could become a danger in the long run. The Swede, however, thinks it’s worth it – she currently tips the scales at around 293 pounds. She needs an additional 55Ibs before her fat can be redistributed around her body to help her achieve her goal.

“It makes me sexy”

Natasha was 20-years-old when she underwent her first plastic surgery. Since then, she has enlarged her bum three times using her own body fat.

“Maybe I have body dysmorphia or something but I don’t feel like it is even that big. I definitely want bigger,” she told The Sun.

“When I was a teenager and my body started to change – I got boobs, I got a bum. I just loved my body so much.”

Image Source: Natasha Crown / Instagram

When asked, the 26-year-old said she’s well aware how ‘jiggly’ she is when she walks. Does it bother her? Of course not.

“The more I gain the better the bum will be.  I’ll do whatever it takes to have the world’s biggest bum,” she said.

Natasha currently works as a super-size model and sells both pictures and videos to people with bum fetishes. On her Instagram account, which has more than 80,000 followers, people can watch her journey towards her dream.

What do you think of Natasha’s unusual goal? Is it crazy? Or should she be applauded for following her heart?

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