Winter’s arrival to the southern hemisphere may still be a few weeks off, but in some places temperatures have already begun to turn chilly.

Lucky for this group of street dogs in south Brazil, they’ve been given a perfect place to keep warm and cozy.

In southern Brazil, the nights are getting chilly as winter approaches. But these three homeless dogs are lucky. They’ve been given a perfect place to sleep safe and sound at night.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

It’s unclear if the dogs were abandoned, or if they started out life as strays, but nowadays they know what it’s like to feel at home.

That’s because the staff at a bus terminal in the city of Curitiba has opened their hearts—and the terminal’s doors to these three pooches. When they saw that the dogs were out in the cold, the animal lovers at the bus terminal refused to let them freeze.

The staff has named the dogs Max, Pitoco, and Zoinho. Now, the trio sleeps under a roof and gets food and water, blankets, and even their own beds.

The staff cleverly made beds for the dogs out of old car tires. Check it out!

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

Tire beds might not look inviting to us, but for these dogs, they’re pure luxury.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

A local politician was told about this story and decided to visit the bus terminal. In a Facebook post that’s gone viral and has been shared tens of thousands of times, Fabiane Rosa pays tribute to the staff at the terminal.

© Facebook (Fabiane Rosa)

Fabiane points out that many animals live on the street under difficult circumstances and that some are also subjected to abuse and neglect.

But, above all, it’s this line that sticks with me: “We must understand that this world is not a privilege of humans. God created animals to teach us to love unconditionally,” Fabiane wrote in his post.

I strongly agree! Share if you do, too.

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