> These 3 Singers Perform A Spine-Tingling Patriotic Medley

These 3 Singers Perform A Spine-Tingling Patriotic Medley


According to cado.org, the United States has over 200,000 troops stationed in 144 countries and territories. At any given time, it usually has another 20,000 sailors and Marines deployed afloat on Navy ships. On this July 4th, we’re reminded of those who must be away from their family and loved ones so our country can be made safe.

GENTRI isn’t just a singing group comprised of three handsome, well-dressed men. Brad, Casey, and Bradley are each talented “cinematic pop” singers whose combined voices create an epic, uplifting sound. In the incredible video below, the Gents honor the brave men and women who have served — and those who continue to serve our country.

As the Gents lead viewers through scenes of soldiers fighting in war, folding the American flag, and gorgeous landscapes from around the country, the song they sing develops into a spine-tingling dedication to the land we love. At 3:20, my jaw dropped when the guys hit the climax and let their voices soar. I was covered in chills, and couldn’t help but be reminded of the sacrifices made by our brave soldiers.

This medley should be heard by every American. What a heartfelt tribute to to all those who take pride in giving whatever it takes to ensure a bright future for our children. If you agree, pleaseSHARE this video with your friends on Facebook!