> 3-Year-Old Excited For Dinner At Arby’s Brings Back Curly Fries For The Cop Who Pulled His Mother Over

3-Year-Old Excited For Dinner At Arby’s Brings Back Curly Fries For The Cop Who Pulled His Mother Over


Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that bring us the greatest amount of joy. With so much emphasis placed on landing a high-paying job to then work your way up the corporate ladder to earn more money to pay for your big house, luxury car and designer wardrobe, life’s tiniest pleasures are often tossed aside. Fortunately, there are stories like this one that remind us to take a step back, pause and appreciate the good around us.

While working a driver’s license checkpoint in Clanton, AL, Captain Neil Fetner was in for an unexpected surprise when he pulled over Kristen Lawrence and her 3-year-old son, Carter. While waiting for the woman to gather her license and proof of insurance, the little boy revealed that he and his mother were on their way to Arby’s for dinner. Captain Fetner asked the boy if he liked curly fries and when he admitted that he did, he jokingly asked if the boy would bring him some fries after his dinner.

Contrary to the officer’s intentions, the toddler took the joke as a serious request. When he and his mother were at the drive-thru window, Carter insisted that she order fries for the officer because he believed he was hungry. How cute is that? Carter held up his end of the agreement and delivered a box of curly fries to Captain Fetner.



The officer was so grateful for the boy’s kindness that he posted his story on Facebook and asked users to help him identify the young boy. The post was viewed over 890,000 times and within 8 hours the mother and her son were found. The pair was later treated to Arby’s by the Clanton Police Department and Carter was named an honorary police officer.



What an incredible way for Captain Fetner and his team to show their appreciation for such a remarkable young boy.

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