I’m immensely thankful that my parents and grandparents ensured I had a proper upbringing, being taught right from wrong at the earliest possible age.

Because when I hear stories of children having no respect for their parents or fellow human beings, it’s something I really can’t abide.

Passengers on a flight from Germany to the USA were left especially peeved, when they were terrorized for eight hours by a 3-year-old boy and his “demonic cries” …

In a YouTube video that has garnered some seven million views, passenger Shane Townley shows how the boy in question was allowed to roam free and cause havoc on the journey.

In the clip, it can clearly be seen how the 3-year-old is left to his own devices, hysterically screaming on a Lufthansa flight from Germany to Newark, USA.

For a total of eight hours, Townley filmed the child, describing him as “demonic” and pointing out what a nuisance he was for other passengers.

YouTube / Inside Edition

Even before the plane took off, the boy was already testing the nerves of the Lufthansa crew, as well as those of his mom and other passengers.

Clambering over several seats, he can be heard repeatedly screaming.

Meanwhile, the child’s mother showed very little regard, instead asking the crew to turn the internet on so he might be distracted.

“Let’s get the WLAN up and running for the iPad to work,” she says.

YouTube / Inside Edition

“Calm down, darling”

With a gentle “calm down, darling”, the mother tries to rein in her child, but fails.

After a mere 60 minutes, chaos reigns in the cabin.

Many hours later, his continued screams can be heard. The hours go by and he shows little signs of slowing down, despite his cries growing hoarse.

Although the mom was embarrassed by the situation, she did little to address it properly, instead trying to gently dissuade her son while allowing him to do as he wished, at the expense of the flight crew and passengers.

In the video below, you can see the child’s shocking behavior:

We can all appreciate that it must be difficult to travel with a toddler, but to a let a child continue to behave as in the video above is simply ridiculous.

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