In 30 Seconds, See Why This Incredible Illusion Has Millions Of Views.


OMG! This is so awesome… and quite eery, I might add!

At first, you think you’re look at a simple combination of shapes and colors — but as the video forces you to see these objects from new perspectives, everything quickly changes in the most amazing way. No wonder this illusion has been seen by more than three million people!

The illusion has been named one of the top illusions of 2014 by Scientific American. Originally created by Arthur Shapiro and Alex Rose-Henig of American University, the moving balls create the overall impression, or illusion, that all of the movement involved is circular — but in reality, the movement of each ball is straight. In other words, if perspective is changed, images moving in a circular pattern can be seen as moving along a linear path, and vice versa.

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