> 39 Young Singers Step Onstage, Mesmerize Audience The Moment They Start Their Chilling Melody

39 Young Singers Step Onstage, Mesmerize Audience The Moment They Start Their Chilling Melody


Children are our future, and they are our main source of inspiration. When a young child wants something, he or she goes after it. These kids have followed their hearts, and it led them into the world of music.

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Before 1992, the World’s Little Singers organization was missing a country from its membership – Armenia. But that all changed when the Armenian Little Singers officially became a part of the group.

These children, ranging in age from 11-18, were so excited to finally be able to share their talents with the world. They quickly climbed to the ranks of international stardom, stunning crowds with their skills in a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz to religious.

Source: Little Singers of Armenia

The group recently received the Leonardo da Vinci silver medal from the European Academy of Natural Sciences. They have also earned awards from Armenia and the European Union. It is no wonder their performances are so popular.

In this video, the singers are performing Edelweiss, from the classic movie The Sound of Music. Their vocals are simply captivating.

The song made its original debut in 1959 in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Here Captain von Trapp must say adieu to his homeland. The scene is filled with a deep passion that the children expertly portray in their own rendition.

Each performer wears a plain, navy blue jumper over a white blouse. The children’s hair is pulled away from their faces, and their appearances are non-distracting. This way the audience can focus on nothing but their incredible voices.

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The kids sway gently as the song starts. First one voice begins, then an entire chorus rises melodically from the silence. It is hard to believe this beautiful sound is coming from mere teenagers.

As more and more voices pour in, the harmony becomes fuller and more varied. Within a few lines the singers have expertly pulled the audience into the song, hypnotizing each onlooker with their stunning sounds. You will be left in pure awe at the raw talent of these young children.

It is clear that they have been practicing for a long time, but their voices possess a unique quality that can only come from within. These are truly some gifted souls.

Source: Little Singers of Armenia

The internet just can’t get enough of these sweet angels. Viewers from all over the world comment words of encouragement on their Facebook page.

“I have listened to soloists, groups and choirs, and I think this is by far the best I have ever heard,” said Doug Renouf. “Their intonation and pitch is perfect, and their diction so clear. I look for more, and more!!!”

Another viewer feels inspired each time she watches these singers, and she hopes for nothing but the best in their futures: “A wonderful choir,” observed Rachel Komlosh Frohmann. “I Love your hebrew songs and all the others and wish you a great success. I love your way of singing. Thanks.”

Source: Little Singers of Armenia

These young singers are taking the world by storm. Their group may have only been formed recently, but they have already made quite a name for themselves. It will be exciting to see what they accomplish next.

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