> 4-Year-Old Girl Has Wish Come True When She Takes Cop Out To Lunch!

4-Year-Old Girl Has Wish Come True When She Takes Cop Out To Lunch!


Nurse Tara Murphy is proud to have witnessed something really special at Burger King. Officer Mark Waggamon was spotted bringing in a 4-year-old girl to the fast-food joint. No, the little one wasn’t his daughter, but I am sure by now she is one of his best friends. Tara got word that the 4-year-old wanted nothing more for her birthday than to buy a cop lunch. So the nurse arranged for one of the finest cops she knows to go with her. However, Officer Mark — like so many cops we catch in beautiful acts of kindness — went well beyond letting her buy him lunch.

The entire meeting was an event for the little girl, like no other. She was even dressed up just like him for it. The gesture is so simple, but can you imagine being 4 years old and getting to do this? It’s a dream come true, which she’ll never forget!


“I was allowed to witness one of the most beautiful acts of kindness I think I have ever seen today. I saw a beautiful 4-year-old little girl’s birthday wish come true. All she wanted was to take a cop out to lunch.”


“I was asked if I could help find one and I could think of no one better for the job than Markie Waggamon and he was more than willing to be a part of this little girl’s birthday wish.”


“He went above and beyond what was asked of him. Instead of just coming and having lunch with her he offered to pay, refused the money this wonderful little girl wanted to give to him, and showed up with a bag full of cop-themed birthday presents.”


“There is nothing more beautiful that seeing a child’s eyes light up and seeing their dream come true. Thank you so much, ElizaBeth Hoskinson Gross, for allowing me to be a part of this and thank you, Mark Waggamon, for being the amazing man that you are. This is a day that not only will she not forget but I will not either.”


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