4-Yr-Old Caught Smuggling Puppy Into Kindergarten, But Her Adorable Argument Melts Teacher’s Heart!


This adorable clip is definitely one for the family vault! Years from now, this little girl’s own children might even haul it out after they find a stray puppy of their own that they want to keep, just as a reminder.

The video was taken early last month at a school in southwest China. Qi Qi, a kindergartener at the school in Suining, apparently found a stray puppy on her way to school and smuggled it into class in her bright yellow backpack. But the puppy gave itself away by barking.


“I told her to come to my office,” the teacher said. “She kept telling me the dog wouldn’t bite people. She told me not to throw it away.”

The 23-second clip below shows just part of that endearingly sweet teacher-student “conference,” where tears stream down 4-year-old Qi Qi’s face as she pleads for mercy on behalf of the puppy. The teacher later explained that the little girl mistakenly believed she would dispose of the puppy in a nearby river.


Qi Qi and her twin sister must have been pretty persuasive because they got to keep the puppy!


The 23-second clip is one of the highest all-time posts on the MadeMeSmile subreddit, and the adorable video of a little girl with a huge heart has generated comments from around the world!



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