Tis the season to be spooky! Gear up for your Halloween sugar high by scaring the dickens out of yourself at one of these terrifying travel options from each state… That is, if you’re brave enough.

I had no idea our country was so creepy.

Alabama: Auburn University Chapel

Used as a hospital during the Civil War, students and staff now claim it is haunted by the ghost of a soldier named Sydney Grimlett.

Alaska: Dimond Center

There are rumors that this Anchorage mall was built over an Indian burial ground. Supposedly, workers uncovered a few bodies during the construction and now they haunt the bathrooms and smaller hallways.

Arizona: The Bird Cage Theatre

Located in Tombstone, there have been reports over dating back to the 1880s of people hearing ghostly laughter, yelling, and strange music.

Arkansas: The Crescent Hotel

Known as “America’s Most Haunted Hotel,” there are said to be at least 8 ghosts wandering the hotel including former owner Norman G. Baker.

California: Wolfe Manor

Formerly used as a sanitarium, there have been claims it is haunted by its old residents. It is currently under renovations to be turned into a hotel, for anyone brave enough to actually stay there.

Colorado: The Stanley Hotel

Located near Rocky Mountain National Park, this hotel considered the home to many spirits including founder F.O. Stanlely and was the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick’s the Shining.

Connecticut: Union Cemetery

Considered “one of the most haunted cemeteries in the country,” its graves date back to the 1600s. Specters, orbs, and other apparitions have been witnessed and studied over the many years.

Deleware: The Governor’s Mansion

Reports claim there were some wine guzzling ghosts lurking around this home who would empty decanters filled for them every night. Other specters witnessed include former owner Dr. M.W. Bates’ deceased father, an apparition in a white wig, the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier, and a girl in a red gingham dress.

Florida: The Biltmore Hotel

A mobster named Thomas “Fatty” Walsh was murdered here on September 7, 1929 after an unfortunate gambling dispute. He has been seen by guests hanging around the elevator ever since.

Georgia: Moon River Brewing Company

Employees have claimed experiencing physical attacks, possessions, and dark figures while working at this Savannah pub. Built in 1821, it was originally used at the city’s first hotel.

Hawaii: Chaminade University of Honolulu

Several examples of paranormal activity have been reported over the years including apparitions of a spooky skateboarder and a soldier, odd sounds and electrical issues, shared dreams, and the feeling of being choked while sleeping.

Idaho: Owyhee Mountains

Is supposedly home to some ultra-freaky creatures. Residents claim some of the caves are home to demon possessed canibalistic dwarves who are around 2-feet tall and feature long tails they wrap around themselves in order to hide. They have been accused of abducting children and eating them.

Illinois: The Ashmore Estates

Built in 1916, it was formerly used as an almshouse before being turned into a psychiatric facility in 1959. Closed and condemned in the late 1980s, it was renovated and reopened in 2006 as a haunted house attraction.

Indiana: Dunes State Park

In 1915, a woman named Alice Mabel Gray grew tired of city life after graduating from the University of Chicago and headed to a small cabin to spend her life alone among the dunes. She was titled “Diana of the Dunes” by journalists of the time and her spirit supposedly still lingers in the park.

Iowa: Iowa State Penitentiary

Inmates have reported cold spots in certain cells, the sound of chains clanking in the halls, and some claim to be victims of violent spectral physical attacks. Even officers have had the willies while on rounds, many of them refusing to go the end of the solitary confinement area at night because of dark feelings, specifically the feeling of being watched very intently by specters.

Kansas: Wichita State University

Wilner Auditorium is rumored to be haunted by its namesake, George Wilner. Reports include disembodied voices, doors opening and closing by themselves, and lights turning on and off and flickering without any explanation.

Kentucky: Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Known as “the most haunted night club in America,” it was formerly a slaughterhouse and the site of a satanic ritual murder in the late 1800s. Killers Scott Jackson and Alonzo Walling claimed they would haunt the establishment following their hanging. They apparently favor the well room where the well is claimed to be an entrance to hell.

Louisiana: Myrtle’s Plantation

A former slave named Chloe is said to roam the grounds after being murdered by fellow slaves after she accidentally poisoned some of the master’s family with oleander leaves in a cake. They were apparently attempting to keep themselves from being punished by killing her.

Maine: Camden Hills State Park

Legend says that in the late 1800s, a little girl named Elenora French fell to her death when her pink hat was swept from her head by the wind and she chased after it. Visitors have since reported seeing her floating pink had and hearing the sound of her screams near the cliff she fell from.

Maryland: Engineered Piping Products

The company is located on what was once a neighborhood and it seems some of the residents were reluctant to leave. Employees report buzzing and the feeling of their clothes being tugged while working alone in the building.

Massachusetts: The Houghton Mansion

Home to the state’s first mayor, A.C. Houghton, who lost his wife and daughter when their chauffeur committed suicide in a car accident resulting in all their deaths. His guilt-ridden ghost supposedly still lingers around.

Michigan: Mission Point Resort

Located on Lake Huron’s Mackinac Island, guests have claimed to see several apparitions over the years including a little girl in the auditorium, victims who drowned in lagoons, pools, and from jumping off cliffs.

Minnesota: Greyhound Bus Museum

Employees and visitors have reported windows opening and closing on their own as well as shadows appearing and disappearing throughout the museum.

Mississippi: Bellevue

Reportedly haunted by slaves who were beaten to death by the cruel former mistress of the house, they have been known to slam doors and throw items around the home.

Missouri: Kemper Arena

Professional wrestler Owen Hart fell 78 feet to his death in 1999 at the arena, reports of his spirit flickering the lights on and off in the arena late at night and sightings of him wandering in his famous Blue Blazer.

Montana: Bannack

One of the first settled towns in the state, it is now considered a ghost town. A woman in a blue dress named Dorothy who drowned, outlaws executed for their crimes, and a high infant mortality rate have all resulted in reports of ghostly activity.

Nebraska: Hummel Park

Visitors have claimed to see apparitions of Native American drumming and wolves at this Omaha park. There is also an area where a spooky set of so-called “Morphing Stairs” always seem to have more steps to count going up than down.

Nevada: Mustang Ranch

The state’s first licensed brothel is supposedly haunted by the ghost of heavy-weight boxer Oscar Bonavena who was shot and killed on the premises in 1976.

New Hampshire: Pine Hill Cemetery

Located in Hollis, there have been reports of a mysterious little boy who runs out to the road to stop cars. Legend says a family was murdered on the grounds in the 1800s.



New Jersey: Seabrook-Wilson House

Used as a tavern in during the Revolutionary War, Patriots would use it to spy on British soldiers. Apparition sightings include a woman in white looking for her crying child, the spirit of a little boy seen looking out the windows, and the ghost of Captain Morgan whose treasure is supposedly buried somewhere within its walls.



New Mexico: Chino Mines Creek

Stories say a woman who was driven insane by the idea of her husband cheating on her intended to punish her him by killing their son. She brought the child to the creek and, though she came to her senses, they were both swept away by a flood. Visitors now claim to hear the cries of a woman searching for her son.



New York: Farnam Mansion

Formerly a bed and breakfast, there have since been several reports of apparitions, shadow people, phantom cats, objects moving of their own accord, ghostly voices, and the sensation of being touched.



North Carolina: Lydia’s Bridge

Found in Jamestown, legend states that a young couple was driving through the area in the 1920s and, in a rush to get home by curfew, lost control of the vehicle. The boy is said to have died on impact, but the girl escaped and attempted to find help. Drivers have since claimed to see a woman in white hitchhiking there and, once picked up, explains how she needs to get home soon because she doesn’t want her mother to worry. She would then disappear before reaching the destination.

North Dakota: Liberty Memorial Building

Employees claim to be haunted by something known as the “Stack Monster” who has been known to call people by their name, roam the storage areas, and fill people with an “overwhelming sensation” that they should leave the building.

Ohio: University of Toledo

The school’s Ritter Planetarium houses three telescopes, but one has not been used for years because it is thought to be haunted by a ghost scientist. They also claim to see strange blue lights along the walls at night.

Oklahoma: Dead Woman Crossing

The morbid title comes from the unsolved story of a school teacher named Katie DeWitt James who was murdered in 1905 after leaving her husband with their infant daughter. Researchers in her case have reported seeing strange blue lights in the area where her body was found, some also claiming to hear a woman woman crying for her child.



Oregon: Multnomah County Poor Farm

Built in 1911, many of its residents were buried in unmarked graves and there have been reports of a woman’s voice reciting nursery rhymes and unexplained crying heard throughout the building.

Pennsylvania: Eastern State Penitentiary

Infamous resident and notorious mobster Al Capone was reportedly haunted by the ghost of James Clark who he had previously ordered to be killed.



Rhode Island: Ladd School

Established by Dr. Joseph H. Ladd in 1907, this was previously a school for the mentally disabled that reportedly mistreated its students before closing in 1994. Now used as the Execter Job Corps Academy, people claim the building is haunted by the children who suffered.



South Carolina: St. Helena Parish Chapel of Ease Ruins

Tourists have reported strange lights and uneasy feelings while visiting the site. According to legend, it could be the ghost of a murdered Confederate officer still looking for his head or possibly a slave looking for revenge.



South Dakota: Mount Marty College

Students have claimed several spooky things taking place over the years including dorm showers turning on and off by themselves, water fountains flowing by themselves, the sound of mysterious footsteps, and disembodied shadows.



Tennessee: Ryman Auditorium

Now home of the Grand Ole Opry, it was originally used as a church. Footsteps, doors closing, and the voice of Hank Williams Sr. have been reported as well as the image of a Confederate soldier.

Texas: The Grove

Known as the most haunted home in most haunted city in Texas, phantom footsteps have been heard as well as apparitions of a lady in white.



Utah: Asylum 49

This hospital turned haunted house attraction has had reports from visitors and employees of “negative entities” roaming the halls and spying the spirits of former patients.

Vermont: Bennington College

Jennings Hall, a music studies facility, is reportedly haunted by the spirit of its namesake, Mrs. Jennings, who passed away in the building. Students and staff have claimed to hear voices and footsteps, as well as see the image of Mrs. Jennings descending the staircase.



Virginia: Ferry Plantation House

Located on Virginia Beach, at least 11 specters have been reported on the former plantation. Victims of shipwreck, former slaves, and a woman in white have all been claimed to by seen by visitors.

Washington: Montgomery House Bed and Breakfast

Built on land formerly owned by the Cowlitz Indian Nation, it was the site of thousands of Native American deaths. Now visitors report full bodied apparitions seen in both the backyard and inside the home.



Washington, DC: The Capitol

Ghosts have been reported in this historic building dating back to the 1860s while construction was still being completed. Numerous congressmen who made impressions during their time there are said to linger, as well as several who lost their lives in the building. There is also a legend of a “demon cat” haunting the grounds.

West Virginia: Harpers Ferry

Tourists have frequently reported seeing Civil War spirits, sometimes whole troops of Confederate soldiers, hanging around. Abolitionist John Brown, infamous for his unsuccessful raid on the arsenal, is said to glare angrily at those passing by.

Wisconsin: Rhinehart Theater

Actors and staff at this playhouse have reported doors opening and closing on their own, disembodied footsteps in the costume area, and apparitions on the stage. One group once claimed to find three candled lit around a white rose on stage when they arrived for rehearsal.



Wyoming: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

Supposedly haunted by two anonymous Swedish stonemasons who mysteriously disappeared from the bell tower during its construction.


Whether or not you believe the terrifying tales, there’s no escaping the haunted side of history.

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