6-Year-Old Girl Breaks Her Arm Miles From Help, Then UFC Star Comes To The Rescue


The opportunity to do good can show up in the most unexpected places. You’re just going about your day and, suddenly, someone in need is standing right in front of you.

For UFC star Miesha Tate, her opportunity came on a mountain trail in Las Vegas.

While out for a hike on the Mary Jane Falls trail, Tate came across Amber Ellis and her 6-year-old daughter, Kai.

Kai broke her arm on the trail and Ellis was struggling to carry her injured daughter down the mountain.

Tate knew she could help the mom and daughter, so she offered to give Ellis a break and carry Kai for her.

It’s stressful enough when your child gets hurt, it’s even worse when medical assistance is so far out of reach.

But, together, Tate and Ellis got Kai off the mountain, and the little girl was able to get the help she needed after her long ordeal.