63 Deaf Dancers Perform Perfectly Synchronized Routine


This amazing performance is guaranteed to send chills up and down your spine. Based an old Buddhist legend, these 63 performers have managed to choreograph an amazing dance in spite of the fact that every single one of them is deaf!

The dancers are all part of China’s Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, and because they can’t hear the music, it’s up to the six directors (on the side wearing white clothes) to help the dancers in gold remainperfectly synchronized to the music.

If you’re sitting in the right spot in the audience, the effect that this amazing optical illusion dance has is utterly awe-inspiring. One woman stands in front, with 20 others lined up right behind her in a long line. As the music continues, they move their arms, legs, feet, fingers, and heads in a never-ending wave of beauty.

There are many old legends of the thousand-armed goddess, but one of them is that she was supposed to be married to an uncaring man. When her father the king demanded she married him, she refused so he went to have her killed. One day, the old king was sick and no doctor could cure him, but she offered her eyes and arms, which saved him.

When he learned of her sacrifice, he begged heaven to bring her back — and so she returned as a goddess with thousands of arms and eyes so that she could help as many suffering people as possible. She would never leave the earth until all humankind was happy.

We’re so overjoyed that these performers, in spite of their disability to hear, can all be happy performing on stage telling such a beautiful story!

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