> 82-Year-Old Dad Forced To Bury His Son. 11 Days Later, The Phone Rings And It’s His Dead Son

82-Year-Old Dad Forced To Bury His Son. 11 Days Later, The Phone Rings And It’s His Dead Son


The worst possible nightmare that any parent can ever be forced to experience is the burying their own child. Even if the child has grown into adulthood, they will always remain your special little baby. 82 year old Frank received the call that every parent dreads the most one day, as 57 year old Frank Jr. was believed to be dead.

The son had been living on the streets for quite some time and was stricken with mental illness, so it is easy to imagine that the family had prepared themselves for this eventuality. The coroner’s officer identified the body with the use of fingerprints and Frank Jr’s sister memorialized the area where his body was found.

However, this grieving family would soon receive the shock of a lifetime, as they found out that their fallen loved one was actually alive and well! This discovery took place after the burial and while the elder Frank had taken a look inside of the casket, he was far too stricken with grief to know that he was looking at a completely different person.

Frank Sr’s friend Bill called him one day and when he put his son on the phone, he knew instantly that his boy was still alive. We cannot even begin to fathom the joy and shock that this family felt when they received the news about the finding of Frank Jr.

The coroner’s office was to blame for the mix up, as they had not used the proper fingerprinting procedures and had used Frank’s old driver’s licensing photo as a means of identification. For their part, the family is still reeling from having lived through such a harrowing experience.

They have also filed a lawsuit against the parties responsible for the misreporting of the news. Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased and we wish Frank and his family all of the best going forward. No one ever deserves to go through an experience like this one.