87-year-old unknown woman spent months knitting 75 hats to keep children warm during cold winter


Sadly, we’re living in a cruel world where we hear bad news everyday. People doing horrible things: Kidnapping, murdering, stealing,.. But there are some other people who just show up with their big hearts and revive our faith in humanity. Their deeds are sometimes not being recognized, their names are not always known, but they’re still out there.

One of those good humans is an 87-year-old woman from Massachusetts, though she reportedly prefers to remain anonymous. As per sources, she spent months knitting 75 hats for kids who need them during the harsh winter months.

It’s said she was aiming to give back to her community in the best way she knew how. She might not be as mobile as she once was – forgivable, given her advancing years – but she found a way to help all the same.

After she finished knitting 75 hats, the woman have asked her daughter to hang them all in plastic bags on the fence at Nelson Memorial Park in Plymouth, Massachusetts. She also donated hats to the local homeless shelter.

Speaking to Boston 25 News, she said: “Just these little things would mean so much to someone who doesn’t have anything.”

Indeed, these ‘little things’ could make a world of difference to many people. This woman might want to remain anonymous, but there can be no doubting she has a heart of pure gold.

This article certainly put a smile on my face. We need more stories like this one!

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