> 89-Year-Old Woman Relives Her Days As A Cheerleader

89-Year-Old Woman Relives Her Days As A Cheerleader


The last time Pauline Heafner threw her pom-poms in the air was in 1943, but the 89-year-old hasn’t forgotten her cheerleading spirit. In fact, she’s always dreamed of shouting some cheers one more time.

Like the grandma who threw the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game and the one who wanted to ride a motorcyle, Heafner was able to live out her dream with the help of her retirement home, Abernethy Laurels.

The nursing home scheduled the special day with North Carolina’s South Point High School. The school replaced Heafner’s former high school, Belmont High School.

The staff at South Point High School made Heafner her own uniform and the squad traveled to give it to her. The high-spirited senior, who suffers from dementia, put on the uniform and shouted some cheers again, as shown at the heartwarming 1:20 mark. It’s easy to detect her passion and her love for cheerleading even after all these years.

Heafner also posed for photos with the cheerleading squad with her hands high in the air. The teens are also seen surrounding her with bright smiles.

“That was such an amazing day for her,” said Shaylyn Ladd, the retirement community’s PR Director.

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